The Newspaper Vending Machine: Savu E. Korteniemi & Karoliina Paatos
Kartasto (Atlas)

PBFF (Photobooks from Finland) has invited nine artists and/or artists’ collectives to create publications using the newspaper format. The artists and artists’ collectives work in Finland, in various fields of visual art.

The eighth publication is Kartasto (Atlas) by Savu E. Korteniemi & Karoliina Paatos.

First there was theory. The door was open but it led nowhere. The land ended and an arc formed in the wall of whiteness. When the weather cleared one could see: nothing further beyond.

Kartasto (Atlas) is a collaboration of Rovaniemi based artist-writer Savu E. Korteniemi and visual artist Karoliina Paatos. It combines both artist’s photographs to Korteniemi’s texts, drawings and objects. This artist’s book is thematically connected to Korteniemi’s body of work Viimeinen (The Last Ones).

Savu E. Korteniemi is interested in objects and how one can give shape to things out of reach. Making concrete objects is parallel to the construction of language. In that sense thinking is also three-dimensional.

Karoliina Paatos follows various communities in several long-term projects. She is intriqued by the passing of time and the movement of light. For her artist’s books are a way of thinking and they help define shapes from vast bodies of work.

The Newspaper Vending Machine is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland. It is realised in cooperation with the Association of Photographic Artists and Korjaamo Culture Factory.

The Newspaper Vending Machine

The individual newspapers are published fortnightly and are sold in PBFF’s newspaper vending machine, located on the grounds of Korjaamo Culture Factory in Helsinki.

The publications, featuring photographs, text, paintings and sculptures, can be retrieved from the vending machine round-the-clock from August to December 2020.

The publication are sold for four (4) euros.

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pbff (Photobooks from Finland) aims to enhance Finnish photo books and publications by archiving and creating participatory platforms. 

Artists based project was founded in 2014 and is coordinated by Tuomas Linna, Karoliina Paatos, Johannes Romppanen, Toni Vallasjoki and Nita Vera.


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