Fotobokfestival Oslo
Youngstorget, Fotogalleriet, Oslo

Fotobokfestival Oslo is a week-long event aiming to explore the photobook as an artistic medium and phenomenon through exhibitions, talks and a satellite program. The festival was established by Forbundet Frie Fotografer in 2009.

In the festival PBFF curated a selection of Finnish photobooks and shed light to the photobook making. Installation was implemented with focus to show a selection of young book makers.

Process wall: Karoliina Paatos - American Cowboy

List of publications: A Minor Wrongdoing - Henrik Malmstrom, Autuas aina - Aino Huhtaniemi, Based on Truth - Tuukka Kaila, Block - Aapo Huhta, Blue Years (dummy) - Tekla Inari, Book of Hours - Ida Pimenoff, Lahti - Erno-Erik Raitanen, Lahti - Antti Sepponen, Life Is One Live It Well - Henrik Malmstrom, Morphs - Iina Esko, Nine Nameless Mountains - Maanantai Collective, See the Forest from the Trees - Karl Ketamo.

Installation: Toni Vallasjoki