Title The Banquet Years
Artist Aya Brace
Date of publication 11/2015
Dimensions 148 x 210 mm
Page count 80
Edition size 80
Publisher self published
Designer Aya Brace
Artist website ayabrace.com
About My work 'The Banquet Years' is an evocative glimpse into the world of Finnish fashion. Having been born and raised in Helsinki I wanted to probe deep into the present asking: are we entering a heyday for Finnish fashion now?

The 1950's - also referred to as The Banquet Years - was the pinnacle of Finnish architecture. The world started to take notice of the country, whilst architects such as Alvar Aalto were able to create and express their modernist visions freely. Finnish fashion has struggled to flourish, but now it's experiencing a newfound creative notoriety.

In my first collective work I wanted to find out more about the designers of my generation and to photograph my own take on this phenomena. How could I add to it and also question the function, future and audience for these garments?

The book features six collections by Elina Määttänen, Piia Emilia, Sophie Sälekari, Elina Äärelä & Heini-Maria Hynynen and Antti Peltoniemi and Anna-Mari Leppisaari all shot in my hometown of Helsinki.